Famous jewellery on tour

Napoleons jewellery

Excellent quality jewellery is truly a timeless classic. Looking into your own jewellery collection is bound to confirm this fact, as custom designs nestle alongside family heirlooms that are still fabulous hundreds of years after they were made.

Whenever somebody sadly passes away there are always items of their jewellery that are passed on to treasured family members. But there is nothing that confirms the timelessness of jewellery more than famous collections that people flock to see when they tour the world.

A great example is Napoleon’s jewellery that has recently arrived in Australia on its world tour. The 300 piece collection entitled ‘Napoleon: Revolution to Empire’ contains jewellery, paintings, furniture and other luxury items and has recently opened at the National Gallery of Victoria.

These items go on display alongside Napoleon’s uniforms and weaponry and his first wife’s jewellery. They really illustrate both the wealth of the couple and the links that Napoleon held with Australia, where people are delighted to be able to view the collection.

A totally different sort of collection went on tour a couple of years ago when Elizabeth Taylor’s jewels were made available for the public to see. After her death, people remembered Taylor for her glamourous life, her eight marriages and the accompanying diamonds.

Her incredible collection of jewellery went on show around the world including Los Angeles, Moscow, Paris and London before it was sold. It offered an intriguing insight into her lifestyle and acted as a very fitting memorial.

Another amazing collection that has been on display recently was the Jewels of the Titanic collection that completed a tour to Atlanta, Orlando and Las Vegas in summer 2013. The collection brought together 15 of the most exciting items to be recovered from the ill-fated ship. It featured gold jewellery along with pearls, diamonds and sapphires that were owned by some of the ship’s wealthiest passengers. As well as displaying the stunning items, the tour included information about where the jewellery originated from and how it was recovered from the wreck.

In the future, many of the amazing customised items of jewellery that are for sale now are bound to form part of some interesting collections, both privately owned and publicly available. What better way to give people a truly memorable gift and legacy than to have an item of your own design made?