Lifting Looks and Spirits with Jewellery

Spirit Jewellery

The dark days and nights of winter are beginning to fade but even so, it is not the most cheerful time of year, and we all need a lift. One of the best and most effective ways to do this is to choose the right jewellery for your outfit. Whether real or fake, simply elegant or outrageously exuberant, timid or bold, a touch of jewellery shows you care and it lifts your mood, and those around you. We all need a little sparkle and dazzle in our lives, especially when there is none outside. Just a rope of colourful beads can brighten a dull jumper and add some vivacity to the day. If you work on a computer, the sight of a pretty ring flashing along the keyboard can bring a smile to the weariest face.

Wearing jewellery should above all be pleasurable, and it really doesn’t matter what your style choice is, as it all comes down to expressing individuality. Some treasure their heirloom pieces or significant gifts so much that they have to wear them every day. Others like to load up on armfuls of bangles and chandelier earrings. Whatever your character, even a demure pair of studs will catch the light in your eyes and add a glow to your face.

One tip in aiming for chic, is, famously, to always take one piece off. This may be true if your outfit is already quite fussy and replete with frills and bows. It isn’t necessary to be a walking jewellery shop. If both arms are clinking with bracelets perhaps you don’t need a chest load of necklaces as well. One statement piece will always speak for itself, and it doesn’t need distraction.

The number of rings to wear is also something to contemplate. Some fashion pundits favour one digit per hand to be adorned, but others feel that is too tame. Thumb rings and mid-rings have widened the choices considerably. One way to get around this ruling is to stack rings, by selecting some that fit together nicely for a dramatic effect. Do remember, if you are drawing attention to your hands by wearing noticeable rings to make sure your nails are in tip-top condition.

Bracelets do seem to suggest bare arms and carefree weather, but remember that a distinctive cuff can be pulled on over a long-sleeve knit and this can really show them off. By experimenting with different looks, you are bound to find a way to lift your look, and your spirits and go bounding into spring.