Pandora celebrates milestone in UK trading

Pandora charm

How many times before Christmas did you hear ladies talking of the Pandora charm on their wish lists? And how many times afterwards did you see husbands and boyfriends smiling smugly as their other halves told anyone who would listen about their present-buying prowess?

It is this sort of scene that has meant that, as the Danish brand celebrates five successful years of UK trading, there is more good financial news. Revenue has risen from £52 million in the year 2009 to £128 million in 2013. This is a 33 per cent increase on 2012.

Flagging up potential

The brand now has more than 120 shops, known as concept stores, across Britain, including its flagship store. Opening in 2013, this is in London’s Oxford Street and is the biggest Pandora shop in the world.

The UK also hosted the launch of the first online sales website within the Pandora family – the UK eStore – in 2012. The president of Pandora in Western Europe, Peter Andersen, said the brand is now one of the UK’s most successful.

Significant milestone

Mr Andersen, who is a former sales director for IC and BYoung and export manager at Brandtex, said that 2014 marks a big milestone. He said that in recent years the brand had managed to build on what was a promising business model to create one of the UK’s most successful brands in the jewellery industry.

He said that when the brand started out in the UK, it was just a small player in the market. Now it is a very different picture, he said, adding that he is extremely proud of what had been achieved by his team.

Mr Andersen credited members of this group for using their expertise and willingness for hard work to make the brand as successful as it promised to be. He added that many of the firm’s first starters were still working abroad but new members were constantly joining the team.

He promised new projects and designs for the future and said the brand was now looking forward to the next five years of trading in Britain.

Glamorous girls

For three years, Pandora has been a sponsor of the Glamour Women of The Year Awards and formed a partnership with pop group Girls Aloud for their UK tour in 2013. Each of the five band members designed their own charm bracelets, which were sold in stores nationwide.

The brand’s strong position in the UK jewellery market has also allowed it to support a number of charities, such as Breakthrough Breast Cancer and ABF The Soldiers’ Charity.

Pandora designed individual charms for each one of the charitable causes, and a donation was made with every sale. This year, 2014, also marks the start of a new collaboration for Pandora when it joins forces with the British Heart Foundation.

The company will launch another bespoke charm and, again, profits will be shared with the charity.