The Finest Affordable Jewellery for Fashion-conscious Females

Amelle jewellery

For hundreds, if not thousands, of years jewellery has been a wardrobe staple for women of every age, nationality and economic class. As important as the clothes women wear, jewellery is both a beautiful adornment and a unique form of self-expression through which females can broadcast their individual tastes and personality. Of all the different kinds of jewellery available, the most sought-after is the luxury kind, characterised by diamonds and precious metals such as gold and platinum.

The obvious drawback with luxury jewellery is the hefty price tags which tend to go with such pieces. These can be staggering sums which subsequently exclude vast swathes of the global female population who want to be able to buy attractive rings and necklaces without breaking the bank.

Thankfully, many of the world’s finest jewellery makers are cottoning on to this expensive issue and creating beautiful pieces which are both luxurious and within the price range of the average female consumer.

One of the companies currently targeting this “affordable luxury” market is the Australian-based Amelle. In 2011 they released five new sterling silver collections, comprising a total of 120 stunning pieces, many of which are platinum-plated to give that slick veneer. Since then, they have developed their style and opened new boutiques across Australia. Some of their pieces are admittedly rather pricey, but their product range also includes items such as the elegant U bracelet, made from stingray leather and including white topaz and pink ruby adornments. This bracelet retails at just under AUS$200. Their Art and Chameleon rings also sell for less than AUS$300 and are sleek and ultra-stylish.

Another jewellery company currently targeting the affordable luxury market is Fervor Montreal, which has recently released two new collections, namely the Duchess and the Mosaique. The former boasts a variety of necklaces, earrings and bracelets made with 18 carat gold vermeil and precious stones, whilst the latter also includes bangles and is characterised by “bold yet simple” designs. The plating used in the Mosaique collection varies between 18 carat gold, rhodium and rose gold. Prices never go higher than US$250.

Last but not least, producing unique jewellery with an ultra-modern twist, is Cuff, a San Francisco-based jewellery company which specializes in “wearable technology” featuring their signature CuffLinc. This is a miniature black tracker which boasts Bluetooth, GPS tracking and a year-long battery. Their newest collection, which will include pendants, key chains and bracelets, will be released towards the end of 2014 and is aimed solely at women. Jewellery items will retail for between US$50 and US$150 and are available for pre-order now.