The Industry’s Anticipated Hot Jewellery Trends for 2014

2014 Jewellery

The annual release of the Swarovski Gem’s Vision Report is always greatly anticipated by the jewellery industry, and this year’s release certainly doesn’t disappoint, with its visually spectacular presentation of the latest industry design and gemstones trends.

The word chosen to represent the emerging trends of this current new year was ‘conversations’ and the report features a range of themes, inspiration and fashion direction, combining mega-trends with emerging niche concepts.

The report is developed in collaboration with experts from across the industry, including designers, makers, historians and trend analysts. The report notes that a strong focus on the quality of gemstones remains in the market, and there has also been a marked fresh interest in the more traditional stone colours, such as emeralds, rubies and sapphires, presented within fresh creative contexts and unique pieces. The report organises the years trends into four major categories – Cross Gender, Allegoria, Minimal East and Eldorado Remix.

In summary

Allegoria represents a collection inspired by mysticism and the darker arts! Cross gender sees an enduring love of pink refreshed in a significant way and Minimal East is a contrasting collection which builds on the philosophies of Eastern zen and balance. Eldorado Remix describes a bold and colourful trend of ethnic jewellery, which continues to be a huge trend in the fashion world.

Analysing the themes

Allegoria will be this year’s most daring trend and feature jewellery designed along abstract lines, taking symbols from ancient, ritualistic or sacred fields. Typical associations will be medieval history or mythical, ancient spirits, and the resulting pieces will be highly intricate and sculptural, However, the stones used will be modern, including fiery flames, off whites, bright ultramarines and intense rust hues.

Cross-gender will be the more challenging range, driven by the energy of modern youth and picking on themes of fantastic, alternative universes and surrealism, with futuristic and gender ‘fused’ elements. The main theme colour will be bold pinks, with pale blues, acid yellows and bright, pure whites incorporated.

Minimal East will build on the ever popular allure of Asian jewellery and craftsmanship, combining ancient craft values, with fresh new technologies. Colours will be soft greys, jade greens and flashes of lacquer red, used typically in Chinese historical interpretations. This theme will be meticulous and highly sophisticated.

Eldorado, on the other hand will be highly vibrant, spirited and colourful, melding the themes of South Africa and Brazil, and combining traditional crafts and design approaches from both countries, with more contemporary themes. Colours will be bold and provocative, combining a range of greens with earthy browns, bright tuquoises and corals, and sparkling corals and rubies.

These four main trends are expected to see strong links with the couture and fast fashion world, and be as popular on the high street as in the most boutique of designer jewellery and gem stores, with a range of interpretations for each age group, spending bracket and customer market.

Certainly the diversity of each main theme, combined with the superb appeal for creativity and self expression means that this year’s jewellery direction is set to be highly exciting, creative and appealing to a broad range of collectors, customers, fashion lovers and wearers.