The Top Jewellery Trends of 2014

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For thousands of years and in all different cultures, jewellery has been a way in which people expressed themselves and enhanced their appearance. The earliest remnants of jewellery were found in Africa, where sea shells seem to have been used to create jewellery up to an amazing 75,000 years ago.

Metal jewellery has been found dating back 7,000 years and made out of copper. These days, jewellery made out of precious metals is popular every season. They are always joined by pieces made out of various different materials and in different styles. 2014 is no different, with some really exciting pieces making an appearance in this year’s trend.

This winter, statement jewellery is really on trend. Winter is always a great time to wear big pieces that can stand out even against winter coats. This year, physical size is matched by extravagance. Earrings are chandelier style and necklaces and bracelets are warn in multiples rather than just a single one at a time.

Huge, golden items that look royal and are embedded with precious stones are also particularly sought after this year. Of course, the colours of the season are equally bright and eye catching with blues, oranges and greens being particularly popular. Of course, as well as being bright, these colours are ideal to wear with the clothing items that are gracing both catwalks and high streets.

Unusually, the spring to summer jewellery trend for 2014 is also based on statement items, paired with equally large, chunky accessories such as bags, hats and shoes. Large bangles will be popular, with brass, leather and space age bracelets having put in an appearance on the catwalks.

Earrings, necklaces and bracelets will all be in very solid metal, adorned with spikes. Huge rings are also popular, with even knuckledusters putting in an appearance on the catwalks. Rings are huge and spikey, but at the same time they are quite plain with few or no stones to decorate them.

Chandelier earrings are paired with printed coins on metal necklaces that are large, yet relatively plain with their absence of colour. Historic and vintage looking items are also popular, alongside religious looking articles that stem from the religious and royal trend of the winter.

Of course, the catwalks saw a few quirky looking items that nobody else could get away with wearing, such as necklaces in the style of croissants and headphones.