What to do with unwanted Jewellery

Unwanted gold

Because jewellery often means so much to people, it is something that they will often pass on to relatives or friends either during their lifetime or posthumously. While the sentiment is lovely and it is always flattering to receive a gift, someone else’s jewellery just might not be to your taste.

Of course, it is always worth bearing in mind that trends change every season. Something that looks dated and out of fashion now might just be the must have accessory in a couple of seasons time. That said, if you have an item that you’re certain will never suit you, there are a couple of options.

Jewellery does hold a resale value and you might be pleasantly surprised at how much something that has been sitting around in a drawer will fetch. That said, if the item is of sentimental value, you are unlikely to want to sell it anyway. It is always an option to pass it on to someone who you know will appreciate it, but if you like the idea of using the item yourself, why not have it remodelled into something different?

A very simple way that you could do this yourself would be if you had been given a ring or pair of earrings, you could quite easily either thread the ring onto a necklace or get the earrings turned into a bracelet charm. However, if the item still wouldn’t be something that you would wear, more drastic action might be called for.

A piece of jewellery could be melted down and totally remodelled to design that you really love. Any stones in the jewellery could be worked into the new piece in a more subtle way or you could even consider making a couple of items out of a large piece of jewellery. You could add extra gems or metal or base the new design entirely around what you already have.

Re-modelling could even be an option if you absolutely love a piece of jewellery that is extremely old and as such has become worn out. The item can be remade, adding extra metal if necessary. Lost stones can be replaced and the item can be restored to its former glory to allow you to get another lifetime of wear out of it. If gems are scratched and damaged, they might be able to be polished up to get rid of the damage rather than completely replacing them.

Whatever you decide to do with your item, it is essential to find a jeweller who you trust to do the job well. If you don’t feel confident in designing the new item yourself, why not look through the jewellers catalogue and ask them to base your remodel on one of their own designs?