When a Picture Just Isn’t Enough

Jewellery Store

In the past decade virtually everyone has moved to online shopping in some areas of their life. Whether you do your weekly supermarket shop online or use auction sites to pick up bargains or sell unwanted items, most of us have forgone a trip to the shops in favour of shopping from the comfort of the sofa.

More and more things are being bought and sold online these days, but sometimes seeing a photograph of something just isn’t enough. Such is the case, it seems, when it comes to jewellery.

When buying luxury items seeing them online just isn’t enough to convince people that it is worth spending a large amount of money on. Aside from anything else, it is difficult to guarantee that you will actually get what you are paying for.

A recent survey conducted in London has found that two thirds of shoppers would prefer to buy their luxury items such as watches and jewellery from a store rather than online. Only 15 per cent of people had ever purchased a luxury item online.

Another interesting revelation was the fact that a huge 83 per cent of people purchase luxury items themselves. It would seem that as well as not trusting websites with our luxury purchases, we don’t trust our nearest and dearest either.

Some 59 per cent of Londoners said that they regard jewellery as their most important luxury purchase, which is perhaps why retail stores are holding their own so well against online retailers in this sector.

The survey was conducted by International Jewellery London during their luxury exhibition. The survey also revealed that more than half of people will go without things that are generally regarded as necessities in order to purchase fine jewellery.

Over a third of people will buy jewellery items on a whim. While this is an interesting fact, it is not necessarily surprising. Jewellery can be so captivating that seeing a piece that is absolutely to your taste can be quite compelling.

Another thing that sets jewellery apart from other items that we purchase is that nearly three quarters of those surveyed said that a celebrity endorsement of a luxury item makes absolutely no difference. This is likely to be because jewellery is such an important expression of our individuality that few of us want to follow in the footsteps of even our favourite celebrities when making such purchases.